KnowledgeABLE Featuring Jen from Fit Chick With The Stick: My Own Independence Day

Hi everyone, I’m excited to introduce you to my Instagram friend Jen from Fit Chick With The Stick.  Jen caught my attention instantly because, like my son Kai, fitness has become her “fix.” Please join me in learning how fitness has impacted her sight loss journey.

My Own Independence Day by Jen Dutrow

The day is warm, the temperature is perfect, a light breeze blows through the open car windows. The sky is cloudless and a beautiful periwinkle blue. You’re driving along the coastline with your favorite music blaring.

Now, imagine never doing that again by yourself. That’s what happened to me after my eye doctor told me I’d have to hand over my license. I had driven to work that day not knowing that was the last day I’d ever drive.

After a long road to acceptance, (a story I’ll save for another day), I discovered that I still have my independence. I found that freedom with my own two feet on a back country road. I can’t even begin to describe how giddy I was after that first solo walk. It honestly felt like I was 16 again and driving all alone for the first time. MY favorite music, MY pace, and MY time table.

From that moment forward, I walked any chance I could. I went further and faster every week. My confidence began to return. I finally had control of something again and that feeling was so empowering.

I have since added home fitness as a way of being strong and powerful. Being active every day, even for 20 minutes, has been an integral part of my sight loss journey. If I’m feeling sad or frustrated, a workout or walk always brings my head back in focus.

I encourage everyone to embrace the mobility that you have, no matter what that may look like. The power lies on the other side of adversity.

Follow my RP and fitness journeys on Instagram @fitchickwiththestick

Image of Jen Dutrow, smiling, with shades on top of her head and earbuds in her ears.
Jen Dutrow of Fit Chick With The Stick enjoying a walk outside — with her favorite music, her pace, and her time table.

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