Thank you for your interest in my upcoming book!

I have written a memoir about our family’s complex journey navigating blindness in rural, coastal Georgia. This is the book I searched for when my ten-year-old son, Kai, received his diagnosis. Topics include blindness, chronic illness, denial, acceptance, community, tools, and resources. 

I’m often asked: 

Aren’t you afraid to let Kai participate in sports? 

How did he graduate as valedictorian of a large public school?

How did he successfully transition to a large public college?

How is he living independently? 

How did he get a job? 

This book answers those questions and more, while exploring my feelings and the changes in our family dynamics and social support systems.

According to the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), there are approximately 706,400 American’s living with a visual disability, and 63,357 of them are students. Here are a few of the NFB’s statistics my son has overcome: 

•  22% graduate high school

• 15% receive a degree

• 30% are employed

• 8% of students use braille

• 10% navigate independently with a white cane or guide dog

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Let’s continue to Navigate Blindess together.

Love, Kim Owens