Hi, we are the Owens family. Our youngest son, Kai, is 17 and is going blind from a retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Some days it’s simply too much to feel like the “blindness ambassador” who has to politely and patiently educate an ignorant public. So, we created these shirts based on our own real-life interactions but with a twist – they include our sarcastic thoughts in braille.

Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you tell people what the braille actually says, because they will assume that it says exactly what is on the top, printed line. The joke is on them!

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Youth Rollout
EyeSwear Apparel logo and announcement that youth sizes are available now. *G-PG Rated. There is a torso of a young female model wearing a black t-shirt with white text that reads: Blindness is a Spectrum. It is followed by a line of simulated braille that reads: But, ignorance is opaque. 

Families dealing with sight loss have real feelings and are facing real challenges to accessibility and the sappy, inspirational, grade one braille t-shirts on the market did not resonate with us. We hope to educate and change public perceptions of individuals who are blind and VI through the use of mature humor and sarcasm and by utilizing a combination of print and UEB contracted braille. The awareness statement is on the top line in white type font, followed by a “twist of sarcasm” on the bottom line which utilizes UEB contracted braille, black dots on white background. The simulated braille is not raised or tactile because we do not want to encourage unexpected touch. The flattering t-shirts are high-quality, pre-shrunk, 100% ring-spun cotton and are available in Men’s/Unisex, Women’s and youth styles.

The profits will help send Kai to college. He’s dreaming of going to a contemporary music school that is out of state. He’s working really hard and we want to help him achieve his goals. He is currently legally blind with about 5 degrees of blurry sight and he’s a top-performing student at a mainstream high school. He walks with a white mobility cane and has recently qualified to receive a guide dog. He’s a braille reader and utilizes assistive technology to access his school work. He’s also a drummer in a few local bands and a sponsored skimboarder. He has a twisted sense of humor that we adore. Thank you for your support.

New products will be released seasonally, so check back.

Peace out, The Owens Family

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