As Featured on Life After Sight Loss

It’s Fall and I’ll be super honest, I want to hibernate. I’ve been in a self-imposed cave trying to gather my emotional resources to go through the mediation process against our local school system.  (Click here to read more about the decision to file the complaint with the GADOE.) Conflict resolution is hard and some days it I feel overwhelmed and allow myself to have a full-blown pity party.  Other days I duck and cover and simply stay in and off of social media.  Other days I remember to take care of myself and eat well, meditate, paint and swim. Today, I stuck my head out of my cave long enough to re-connect with people in the sight loss community. And, I was so encouraged to listen to a podcast by my new friend Derek Daniels at Life After Sight Loss.

I found him on Instagram @lifeaftersightloss and reached out to him a few months ago via email. We’ve exchanged a few messages and I’ve subscribed to his podcast, Life After Sight Loss Radio, which I highly recommend.  Today, I listened to his podcast and was super encouraged to hear him mention me and my blog!  Thank you, Derek! I needed the reminder that I am not alone in advocating for awareness, equal education and opportunity for my son who is blind. Derek refers to people with visually impaired or blind loved ones as “sighted supporters,” and there are many of us.

My son is legally blind and wicked smart. We live in a small town and the battle for equal educational access is daunting.  But a quick glance around proves that I am not alone in my quest.  My family is supported by so many people who love us and want us to succeed.

Thank you, Derek, and everyone else who puts themselves out there in this big world.  Thank you for coming out of your own “caves” – out of your comfort zones – to shed light on the reality of living with vision loss, and thank you for remembering to include the sighted supporters.

Please visit Derek’s Blog at

Or, click on this video in which he discusses the importance of grief:

Or listen to his latest podcast on Apple iTunes. Personally, I recommended today’s podcast about building relationships.

I will be back with a new blog post very soon. I want to tell you all about the boys’ amazing experiences at the NYC No Barriers Summit.

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