The Fight For Equal Educational Access Continues

We are grateful for the support of NFB in our fight for equal educational access. Here is a link to the NFB article chronicling our experience:

Are you or a loved one utilizing a virtual educational platform for learning this year? If so, please complete the Educational Technical Survey by NFB here:

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2 thoughts on “The Fight For Equal Educational Access Continues

  1. My 7-year-old grandson comes to my place several times a week to do his virtual learning and I’m experiencing first hand some of the frustrations encountered by parents and teachers. Since I can’t see and his iPad (I’m a dedicated Android/PC person so there’s that) isn’t accessible to me and I’m unable to help him when he gets stuck. Another observation is the teacher and how well she is managing the second-grade class who many times don’t understand directives. She is so patient and I can’t help but wonder what is going on in her mind. An assignment the kiddos was given yesterday totally confused me because the questions posed to the kids had to be at least on a 5th-grade level and I’m trying to understand what was going on and apparently other parents were as well because they commented to the teacher. My grandson was in the midst of getting his IEP when the pandemic hit and now I feel like he’s not getting the extra support he needs and of course, I know he’s not the only student affected. Thank you for sharing the NFB article on Kai’s situation. When I was reading it I swear steam was coming out of my head, wth? These schools had the entire summer to implement processes that include those with disabilities. I’m glad that the NFB is following up on this but the situation, in my opinion, is totally unacceptable and someone needs to be held accountable. Okay, rant over now.

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  2. Hi Stephanae, Thanks for reading and sharing your experience with your grandson’s virtual classroom. It is infuriating — and yet we all persevere. I hope that the entire world becomes a more empathetic and accessible place since so many families (without disabilities) are now facing some of the same access challenges we face daily. Take care of yourself and give your grandson a hug.

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