Unique Braille Gift Idea

I’m excited to introduce you to Lucky Touch Braille Fortune Cookie Company! The company is run by students at the California School for the Blind.  The students are involved in every aspect of the company’s operations. And as far as I know, they are the only company in the world creating braille fortune cookies! WHAT A COOL IDEA!

Lucky Touch Braille Fortune Cookie Company is run by a student board of directors at the California School for the Blind.  They make decisions about prices, pack cookies and sell cookies at events and by mail.  They also interview candidates for open positions on the board and select new members. — Judith Lesner, Board Advisor

About 2 weeks before Valentine’s day I reached out to them to place an order for 50 braille fortune cookies. I chose “plain” and “standard uncontracted braille” but they also offer chocolate dipped, contracted braille and customized messages.  The cookies arrived individually wrapped and in perfect shape — not a single broken cookie!

I gave the cookies out to my son’s support team and teachers and to a few close friends. I packaged them with a note that said, “We are fortunate to know you” (Punny, right?) and included a braille alphabet key so that the recipients could decode their fortunes.

The feedback was immediate and filled with joy. Everyone loved the gift and enjoyed figuring out the messages. It was a small and easy way to express our gratitude and give people a glimpse into my son’s world of accessibility.

If you are interested in placing an order or learning more click here to visit their webpage or you may contact Judith Lesner, board advisor, at mavenno1@aol.com.

GIFT IDEAS: I think these would be a great St. Patrick’s Day gift with a note saying “We are lucky to have you on our team.”  Or, perhaps a creative way to encourage braille literacy by placing a braille fortune cookie into your child’s lunch box. The creative uses are endless! Enjoy!

Image of our valentine’s day gifts: braille fortune cookies packaged into a treat bag covered in hearts, with a note attached that reads “We are fortunate to know you! — The Owens Family” below the personal message is a braille alphabet key.





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